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Contest Blog Awesome & Elegant by Rara && Dzull Ekha

Thursday, November 3, 2011 ✖ 10:50 PM ✖ 0 comments

Hai Readers
Rasa sekarang memang musim GA dgn Contest eh ;3 Hadiah sekarang memang lumayan oo. Rugi takjoin :P

Semua orang yang nak tahu The Rules boleh tengok sini > http://saranghaeyotumblr.blogspot.com/ dan jugak http://www.dzull-ekha.co.cc/

Tag ; http://nekomiow.blogspot.com/ | http://onefourthreeakira.blogspot.com/ | http://syarafikamaruzzaman.blogspot.com

Written By: Syasya Jasmie



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